Trivia Contest

Truman Week Trivia Contest

(Jeopardy Style)


How it Works:

  • Six teams: Missouri, Ryle, Centennial, West Campus, Dobson & BNB, and Commuters & apartments
  • Three members on stage for each team (3-6 Members per team)
    • Any team member is able to buzz in
    • One team member will be designated to provide answers
    • There will be an opportunity to substitute halfway through
  • Can quietly discuss amongst themselves


  • Jeopardy Style
    • Five categories, five questions each
      • $100-$500 value assigned to each question
    • One team will be randomly selected to go first
    • Teams announce the category and dollar amount they want
      • Teams will be supplied with a copy of the board to scratch off as the game progresses
      • Google slides does not have the option to change the color of a link once it has been selected, so there will be no visible means on the main board as to what questions have already been selected
    • Question will be selected on the board and read aloud by the emcee
    • Buzzing is not allowed until after the question has been read
      • $100 deduction for buzzing early
    • Teams will have 15 seconds to buzz after the question has been read
      • Teams DO NOT have to begin their answer with “what is…”
      • If a team buzzes first and incorrectly answers the question, the question will open back up to everyone after the emcee says “I’m sorry but that is incorrect”
      • Teams cannot buzz twice on the same question even if every team has answered incorrectly
      • If no team answers the questions correctly, the answer will be revealed
    • The team that correctly answers the question then has control of the board and will be prompted by the emcee to choose their next question
      • If no team answers correctly, control goes back to the team who originally selected the question
    • The game continues in this manner
    • Once half of the questions have been completed, the emcee will announce the current standings so the teams have an idea of where they are
    • Once all the questions have been read, the emcee will announce the current standings again and then go into the final jeopardy question
      • The category of the questions will be announced, and the teams will have 30 seconds to decide how much money they want to wager
      • They will write their wager on a designated piece of paper that will then be collected
      • The emcee will then read the final jeopardy question, and all teams will again have 30 seconds to write their answer on a designated piece of paper
      • After the 30 seconds is up, the emcee will go down the line asking each team to hold up their paper and say what they wrote as their answer
      • The emcee will state whether or not they are correct, and then announce what they wagered
      • Finally, the emcee will announce the winning team!