Truman Week

College Cup Challenge

During Truman Week, first-year students are officially invited to participate in the most engaging, most fun, and most friendly competition in which you may ever be involved.  Participation in the College Cup Challenge provides the opportunity to:

  • Build spirit within your residential group
  • Enjoy some friendly competition
  • Get acquainted with the Truman campus
  • Meet other first-year and new transfer students
  • Display your talents and abilities
  • Challenge yourself to try something new
  • Laugh, shout, scream, chant, and celebrate!

How It Works

  • The object of the College Cup Challenge is to win the coveted College Cup Traveling Trophy.
  • The team that earns the most points during the week gets to display the trophy in a prominent location for the year.
  • If your team wins, you earn bragging rights for your entire first year at Truman!

How You can earn points for your team: 

  • Inclusivity Poster Design Challenge
  • Ridiculous Relays
  • Bulldogs in Action
  • Trivia Contest
  • TruTalent auditioning and being a finalist at The BIG Show!
Team Events Descriptions