Truman Week

College Cup Challenge Team Events

The College Cup Challenge is designed to build a sense of community within each team and help you begin to establish important connections with other students.

Inclusion and Diversity Poster Contest

Truman State University is an institution that values all members of our community and promotes inclusion through our daily activities.  As part of the College Cup Challenge, each team identifies 3-5 team members to collaborate on a design that illustrates how their team contributes to an inclusive and welcoming committee.

Ridiculous Relays

How well do you work with your classmates?  Show off your teamwork by participating in the Ridiculous Relays and help your team will the College Cup.  The participating teams may choose to hold preliminary trials to determine who will be part of their final team for Friday night’s event at Stokes Stadium, others may just ask who is interested.  It is entirely up to the team.

Bulldogs in Action

Are you committed to serving others, or even just helping someone out for a couple of hours.  The Bulldogs in Action program is a great way to discover opportunities in the Kirksville community to make difference by serving others….and earn College Cup points, too!  Helping others is a rewarding way to start the day on Saturday morning.  

The Big Truman Show –  Trivia Contest

Earn points for your team by showing off your knowledge of Truman and general information by participating in Truman’s own question-and-answer game modeled after the popular quiz show Family Feud©.  The competition will take place on Saturday as part of the Big Truman Show – the College Cup Challenge Finals. Check out the details, rules and scoring information.

The Big Truman Show – Talent Contest

Do you like to dance, sing, tell jokes, play an instrument, juggle, or some other type of performing in front of a crowd?  If so, you should submit an audition to participate in the TruTalent part of the College Cup Challenge.  The Student Activities Board (SAB)  coordinates this event.