Truman Week

Ridiculous Relays

Part of the College Cup Challenge during Truman Week, Ridiculous Relays is a series of fun activities that give you and other new students a chance to show off how well you can work together as a team.  Ridiculous relays will be engaging, comical, and just about anyone can complete — no athletic prowess required!

Each team will put together a group of 12 students to represent them at the Ridiculous Relays Competition on Friday night in Stokes Stadium. There will be 3-4 events total.  The rest of you are invited to sit in the same section at Stokes Stadium and cheer on your team!

Scoring System

Points for Ridiculous Relays will be assigned for each game as follows:

  • First place                                          50 points
  • Second place                                     40 points
  • Third place                                        30 points
  • Fourth place                                      20 points
  • Fifth place                                         20 points
  • Sixth place                                         20 points
  • Teams not competing                       0 points

Point totals for each game and the winning teams for each game will be announced at the event.  The overall points winner will be announced on Saturday night at the Big Truman Show College Cup Championship Finals event. 

Rain Site Information

Relays will take place in the Rec Center multipurpose gym and the audience will be moved to Student Union Building meeting rooms.