Self and Society Seminar Introduction – Block One

Designed for first-year students, this required course encourages you to cultivate your habit of curiosity and discover why a liberal arts and sciences education is so successful at developing versatile thinkers and proactive doers.


Self and Society Seminar Introduction      
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TRU 110.2 - Self & Society: Who are you? with M.S. JumperBH 212
TRU 110.5 - Self & Society: Sustainability with Andrew KaufmanMG1098
TRU 110.16 - Self & Society: The Stories We Tell with Mary Shapiro BH 302
TRU 110.18 - Self & Society: Better World with Hyun-Joo Kim MG 2001
TRU 110.19 - Self & Society: Higher Edu in America with John JonesVH 1304
TRU 110.21 - Self & Society: Water and Common Good with Stephanie RussellPL 308
TRU 110.23 - Self & Society: Talking About Talking with Douglas Ball BH 256
TRU 112.1 - Self & Society: On Being a Biologist with Joanna HubbardMG 2050
TRU 113.1 - Self & Society: The Integrity of Care with Teak NelsonBT 2226
TRU 116.1 - Self & Society: Artificial Intelligence with Ruth Halma VH 1324
TRU 310.2 - Self & Society: Transfer: Twilight Zone with Amy NorgardDue to unforeseen circumstances, this introductory session has been cancelled. Feel free to participate in any of the flexible time activities