Self and Society Seminar Introduction – Block Two

Designed for first-year students, this required course encourages you to cultivate your habit of curiosity and discover why a liberal arts and sciences education is so successful at developing versatile thinkers and proactive doers.

Self and Society Seminar Introduction   
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TRU 110.1S&S Sem:Living in Anthropocene with Amber L. Johnson (P)BT 1219
TRU 110.11S&S Sem: The Writer in Society with James D'Agostino (P)BH 214
TRU 110.12S&S Sem: Hothouse Planet with Christine M. Harker (P)MC 305
TRU 110.13S&S Sem:Everyone Gets a Trophy with Jana L. Arabas (P)MG 2090
TRU 110.2S&S Sem: The Intellectual with Adam B. Davis (P)BH 256
TRU 110.22S&S Sem: Water & Common Good with Stephanie L. Russell (P)MC 208
TRU 110.3S&S Sem: Moral Sciences with David H. Gillette (P)MC 209
TRU 110.4S&S Sem: Ideologies with John J. Quinn (P)BH 212
TRU 110.6S&S Sem: Sustainability with Billy R. Miller (P)MG 1000
TRU 110.7S&S Sem: My Heartland with Michael Seipel (P)MG 1096
TRU 110.8S&S Sem: Music Psychology with Jocelyn S. Prendergast (P)OP 2115
TRU 110.9S&S Sem: Think, Make, Art with Laura M. Bigger (P)OP 2250
TRU 112.2S&S Sem: On Being a Biologist with Joanna Hubbard (P)MG 2050
TRU 112.3S&S Sem: On Being a Biologist with Robert D. Sieg (P)MG 1090
TRU 112.4S&S Sem: On Being a Biologist with Elisabeth A. Hooper (P)MG 1098
TRU 113.2S&S Sem: The Integrity of Care with Teak E. Nelson (P)BT 2226
TRU 114.1S&S Sem: Leadership Comm with Brian J. Altenhofen (P)BT 1202
TRU 310.1S&S Sem:Transfer:Twilight Zone with Sara K. Day (P)BH 302