Saturday Information Sessions – Block One 1:30-2:20 pm

The information sessions offered below provide opportunities for you to see how you might maximize your possibilities at Truman, to give yourself and your credentials some ‘added value’.


 Information Sessions - Block 1
Saturday. 1:30 pm - 2:20 pm
College CupPre-Med Information Session
This presentation will provide valuable information to pre-med students and allow them to meet with and connect with the pre-health advisor on campus.
College CupCustomize your major with Interdisciplinary Studies
Make creative choices to add value to your college career: look forward to interdisciplinary seminars, explore interdisciplinary minors, and consider designing your own interdisciplinary studies major. At the conclusion of this session students will be able to:
*explain what JINS stands for
*name at least three of Truman’s interdisciplinary minors
*know where to find more information about customizing a major with interdisciplinary studies
College CupPeace Corps Prep, International Studies, and Global Affairs
If you’re interested in the world outside the U.S. as more than just a destination for tourism… Come learn about Truman’s International Studies program, Global Affairs Colloquium, and Peace Corps Prep Certification program.  (You may be interested in just one of these things, and that’s fine! No commitment, just info….)
College CupMaster of Arts in Education Information Session
Not sure what you want to do? Choose the best profession in the world…or if you already know you want to teach, come visit. We talk about TSU's program and the nuts and bolts. Meet faculty and students in the program.
VH 1304
College CupMcNair Scholars Program
Considering graduate school? The McNair Scholars Program supports first-generation, Pell-eligible, and underrepresented college students on defining and achieving their education and career goals. Stop by to learn how you can get involved.
MC 209
College CupScholarship opportunities with ROTC
Truman State University ROTC provides 3 year, 2 1/2 year, and 2 year federal scholarships for students that participate in the program and meet required obligations. Students will be granted federal employment either full time or part time after graduation.
SUBAlumni Room
College CupStep/MOSLAMP Information Session
We are committed to supporting students at Truman who are interested in pursuing a degree in Science or Mathematics. We provide scholarship and research opportunities to as many students as we can. Join us for this session and discover the wonderful opportunities that you could have through the STEP Office at Truman.
MC 208
College CupLibrary Mystery Tour (approximately 20 minutes)
Jane Dewey has disappeared! You’ll learn about the library’s vast resources as you discover clues to solve the mystery. The Library Mystery tour is a fun way to learn about their library services and collections that can help you as you pursue academic success!
Pickler Memorial Library
College Cup Activities Prep Time
Trophy Icons mean the activity is part of the College Cup Challenge and will earn points for you and for your team.